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Getting A New Cat! - Need Advice


So, we’re getting a new cat. She’s a year old Tabby who is currently living with another cat.

My house has 2 pets: Another 1 year old cat, Quinn. And a 10 year old shiba inu/lab mix, Sweetie. The two get along fine though they tend to mess with each other at times.

Quinn had a brother for…

This is a slow process. When I first got my kitten, I sat in the bathroom with him, with a gate seperating him from the other cat and dog. If you don’t have a gate, letting them sniff each other through a closed door is an option. The first week of having him, I bought another litter box and kept the cat in my room during the night, so he’d feel safe, and the others would have the rest of the house to themselves.
During the day I’d play with all of the pets together.
It’s stressful for a cat to be put in a new strange new environment, hiding is perfectly acceptable, though you don’t want to make a habit out of this, don’t forcefully pull the cat out. Use calm gestures, treats, or toys.
Cats are finicky animals, it can take weeks, or even months to adjust.
Your current cat might be upset for a little while, but they’ll get used to the new family member!

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